reflection resources

Sweet selection

Fill a bowl with wrapped sweets of different colours. Starbursts are quick and easy to eat. Boiled sweets are good if you want people to spend longer in prayer and reflection.

If this is a station place a sign next to the bowl with the words below on. If this is a prayer for everyone together then read the words below. Remember to have a rubbish bin handy for the wrappers.

Take a sweet from the bowl.

What colour is it?

If it’s …..

purple talk to God about your friends

orange talk to God about your family

green talk to God about someone you know is sad

red talk to God about someone you know is very happy.

Eat your sweet as you talk to God.

Praying for the world

You will need a globe or a large map suitable for children and a bowl filled with pictures of  lit candles. The candle images allow you to use candles with out the fire danger.

Take some time to think about other people in the world.

They could be people you know.

They could be people in a country you’ve been to.

They could be people you’ve seen on the TV or in books.

Find the country you are praying for on the map.

Take a candle picture and put it on the country.

Pray for the people of that place.

Dice prayers

This prayer allows children to experience different ways of praying. If you are using this as a station you will need a couple of dice and the words below. If everyone is doing this together you will need enough dice for everyone – then read the words below. You could encourage the children to each make a dice before the prayer – then they could take this home to use.

Roll a dice. If you roll a….

One – Thank God for something that has happened this week

Two – Tell God about someone who is sad

Three – Chat with God about how you are feeling

Four – Tell God about something you are worried about

Five – Tell God how great you think he is

Six – Tell God about something you are looking forward to

God loves me

This prayer station needs a free standing mirror, an ink pad, pens, squares of card and baby wipes. Arrange them with a card with the words below on it.

Look in the mirror.

 You are special to God.

 So special that no one has a finger print like you.

 Write your name on a piece of card.

 Make a fingerprint next to it.

 Take it with you. Remember you are special to God.


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