Nativity Trail

Toast Nativity Trail.

The TOAST! Nativity trail was based on the Posada tradition. You can find more about this on the Church Army website

The TOAST! Trail linked into work done in Liverpool with the Mother’s Union and Messy Church. Full resources for this are available on

In the TOAST! Nativity trail bag were;

  • The nativity set (we used a knitted nativity set but any set that can be handled by children is great). It was kept in a box wrapped in gold paper to emphasise how important the story is.
  • A laminated sheet with a version of the Christmas story on – a copy of this was in every gift bag for the family to keep.
  • A notebook for people to write in / draw in / put photos in.
  • A gift bag for the family containing a Christmas card, a woolly sheep, a copy of the Christmas story, a pot of bubbles, an invite to the Christmas services.
  • A laminated sheet with text below

In the bag you will find the TOAST! Nativity Trail.

The TOAST! Nativity trail is based on the old Mexican tradition of Posada where young people dressed as Mary and Joseph and travelled round from house to house asking for room and telling the Christmas story. On Christmas Eve they would visit the local church to re-enact the nativity.

The TOAST! Nativity is travelling round houses during advent allowing each family to explore the Christmas story together.

On Christmas Eve the nativity set will return to Church where it will be used to re-tell the Christmas story at the 4pm Crib Service. We would love to see you there.

Each family taking part in the trail receives a woolly sheep to remind them of the nativity story. Yours is in your gift bag included with the Nativity Trail.

Below are some suggestions for how to welcome the Nativity set into your home.

  • Find a place in your house for the nativity to ‘live’. Then let everyone play with it as much as they want.
  • Take the figures on journeys around the house. Re-enact the Christmas story. A simple version of the story is included in the set.
  • Decide which your favourite nativity character is and tell everyone else why.
  • Please use the notebook to write about / draw pictures of / put photos of the nativity at your house.
  • In your gift bag are some bubbles. Blow these as you talk about the things that have happened in your family this year.

Thank you for welcoming the nativity into your home.


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