Rock star party

As G turned 10 last week (how did that happen!!) he decided he wanted his party to reflect his love of music. We looked at recording studio parties but all his friends didn’t want to sing and he though the party might be a bit too ‘girly’. So we decided to do something at home.

He created invites for 7 of his friends and stuck them onto old CDs – these were a big hit!



On the day everyone arrived after school and tucked into vinyl inspired cakes on a vinyl record cake stand I made.


Earlier I set up a Dressing Room where they could dress as Rock Stars, do their hair and add a bit of face paint if they wanted too. I hadn’t factored in how much 10 year old boys would want to play with face paints!


Then it was off to the music studio. I had borrowed a drum kit (as G plays) and added some of our own instruments and a few toy ones. So they chose some songs and mimed / played along to them. Then they began to practice Yellow by Coldplay. They had sung this a couple of years ago in school so all knew the words – I’d printed off a few sets in case anyone forgot! Some sang, some played the drums, one ‘played’ the harmonica and another the keyboard. It was an interesting sound but thankfully I had warned the neighbours!

To make sure we could capture the music I ordered the Audacity music package which was great. The one child who didn’t want to sing worked the recording studio instead.

To finish this bit of the party we did an Album Cover Shoot – here’s my 2 boys at this.

After tea (who knew 10 year old boys could eat so much??) it was time for the piñata. I’ll write a separate post about how to make this but it was SO easy. They had a great time bashing this and then scurrying for sweets.


Just as we were doing this parents began to arrive so it was party bags and home. Party bags were simply sweets from the piñata, birthday cake,  a cassette biscuit!, and a rock star duck. And a promise of a copy of the music they recorded and the album cover at a later date.


A great party enjoyed by all.

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