Campfire activities – Bread

As Bonfire Night arrived we decided to make use of our campfire and do lots of campfire cooking and bonfire activities. So this week I’ll post a few of them here in case you want a bit of winter campfire fun. Let’s start with campfire bread.

One of the children’s favourite activities is cooking bread over the fire. There is a great recipe for campfire bread here. But we now ‘cheat’ and just use a bread mix which works well.

I make up the mix pre campfire.

Then cut the dough into pieces and roll into long pencil thin snakes and coil around the end of the stick.

Hold the sticks over the fire turning until the dough turns golden brown. (The dough cooks better in the smoke than in the flames). Alternatively make a grill to rest the bread on and turn frequently.

Once it cooks cool and eat straight off the stick. My boys say you need to count to 10 blowing in between to cool the bread.


Then provide jam / butter etc and enjoy!

We also used this at the Pentecost Campfire in 2015 – find out more here.

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