Festive Foodbank

As Christmas approaches one of my ‘targets’ is to make sure the kids (and myself) don’t get so caught up in all the trappings that we loose focus. Some of this is keeping focussed on the Christmas Story. But its also about not loosing sight of those who find Christmas hard, for whatever reason. About recognising that this great celebration can be an awful time for some. About making sure we don’t overspend or create ridiculous expectations when gift giving. About being generous, grateful and thoughtful.

I’m always looking for ways to do all this. And so this November we have decided to support The Advent Bank an initiative set up by a friend here in South Liverpool.

The Advent Bank is looking to feed families in crisis this Christmas co-ordinating food donations to include cupboard basics, food to make a Christmas dinner and Christmas treats. Everything donated will then be collected and taken to South Liverpool Foodbank who will distribute it across their 5 centres to families who need it most this festive period.

We are getting involved with a 30 day festive challenge. We’ve placed a basket in the kitchen and each day we will add one item – sometimes basic food supplies, sometimes Christmassy treats. The children are taking it in turns to decide what goes in. Then in December we will take it all to one of the collection points, ready to support families in Liverpool this Christmas.

The children are really excited about this, there’s been lots of discussion about what we could put in. For me the best part in these debates was realising that, at 4. T ‘gets’ it. She understands she is lucky to have what she does and that she can make a difference.


Festive Foodbank Basket Day 4

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