5 reads for Halloween

This half term we have hunted out our favourite Halloween reads for bedtime stories. So here are our top 5.

First up is Little Wizard by Kazuno Kohara. Little Wizard cannot fly! Then he meets a dragon who tries to help him but with no luck. All that changes when Little Wizard meets a knight out hunting dragons. He realises he must fly to dragon’s house and save his friend before the knight gets there. The most gorgeous story and illustrations with all the text and images printed black on purple paper with only the dragon in green.

Also by Kazuno Kohara Haunted House is one of T’s favourites. A little girl enters a big – haunted – house but it’s OK she’s a witch! She soon has the ghosts tamed – washing them in the washing machine, hanging them out to dry and using them as curtains and tablecloths! Again the images are in black this time on orange paper and, of course, the ghosts are white.

Room on a Broom by Julia Donaldson is a HUGE favourite in this house. This is the hilarious journey of witch, cat, dog, bird and frog all aboard a broom – and of course their encounter with the dragon!  Every time we read it the brilliant verse has all of us joining in shouting ‘Down!’ every time the witch drops something. A truly great book!

New to our Halloween collection is No Such Thing by Ella Bailey .One October day Georgia notices something weird. Things move, disappear, smash but Georgia can explain it all. Because – as we all know – there’s no such thing as ghosts! Beautifully illustrated with a narrative clash between the text and images this is one to read again and again.

And finally the great Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper (inspired by our love of pumpkins at this time of year).Duck challenges the peace of the little white cottage by wanting to stir the soup. This is not his job! Squirrel and Cat object so Duck leaves. It is only when he has gone that all three realise how important their friends are – and the need for compromise.


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