WigWam Coffee Shop Liverpool

Yesterday school was out early so I kept a long overdue promise to take the kids to WigWam Coffee Shop for cake and a play. Based in South Liverpool, WigWam aims to provide quality food, coffee and tea in a stylish environment alongside fun and educational activities for children. So does it meet it’s aim?

We arrived about 3pm and, while WigWam wasn’t packed, it was busy. The kids headed straight for the sofas and instantly made themselves at home. WigWam is a big open plan space with mismatched tables and chairs dotted around and a big play space in the centre. There’s a kitchen, garage, dressing up area, play house and – of course – a wigwam for the children to play with. (No photos of these are there were always children playing in there!). So the children play freely while the adults can eat, keep an eye on the children and get involved when they want/need to. My lot opted to head to the book case first and gathered a variety of books, pens and paper, dominos and cards and made themselves comfy.

Great for me as I got to peruse the surroundings – an interior lovers dream! The space used to be the old Co op and tiles with LCS on adorn the walls. The lighting is gorgeous and around the room are a variety of styles of chairs and tables which have been beautifully curated. So while it is a play café it feels quite ‘grown up’.

We ordered cake and drinks – chocolate milkshake for the children and tea for me. I was delighted that they had chocolate soya milk as it meant E could have chocolate milk as well as the other 2. It is so good to go somewhere where allergies are understood rather than E (and myself) having to settle for second best. Happy mum! No pics of the cakes as by the time I had paid the children had devoured them.

I have read a few grumbles about the price of food (they offer lunch and breakfast) and the amount you get for the money. Most of these finish by saying – go for coffee and cake. That’s exactly what we did and I have to say it was the same price as other coffee places so I was happy on that front.

After cake the younger 2 played in the play area while G sketched – so good to be able to take a variety of ages and feel they are all catered for. E came over and, unprompted, said

“a little playground, awesome cake and good books (there’s even How to Catch a Star). Can we come again?”

So I guess that’s a thumbs up from him!

And yes I do think WigWam does what it sets out to do  – my only grumble is it wasn’t around when mine were a bit younger. Or maybe that’s a good thing!!


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