The Good Life Experience!


I’m Back!! Yes its been a chaotic few months here but I’m back with lots to  share with you. And what better place to begin than our fabulous ‘end of the summer’ weekend at The Good Life Experience.

This family friendly, small festival is in it’s third year and takes place on the Hawarden Estate in North Wales so just a 40 minute drive for us. Last year we took a day trip there. The kids loved it so much that by the time we were back in Liverpool they had made me promise we could return this year – and camp! So we did.

We headed off straight from school on Friday night (so it took a little longer to get there!) parked and headed up to the camp site. Luckily I had prepped so the kids and I could move everything on our own (as S was working) as it was quite a way from the car park to a find a pitch. But we did and got the tent up and met friends. Then it was off to join in the fun.

We pitched near the Vintage Fairground so every trip on and off the festival site involved a few rides. All this is free – which was great as it would have cost a fortune for all the rides my gang had! But a definite highlight for them.

As I was with the kids on my own I had decided beforehand that it was about what they and we wanted to see and my ‘stuff’ would have to wait until another time. There are a few routes through the festival. You can take in the music and listen to the talks. You can pay for the specialist workshops that are on offer. You can wander round and see what there is going on and just join in. You can sign up for the free workshops. We largely did the latter 2 which worked for us but I know for some the limit on workshop places was an issue.

So over the weekend we climbed trees and roped walls;

watched the blacksmith make a knife and the carpenter make wooden nails (and E got to hammer one in!);

sat around on hay bales and slid down them;

decorated biscuits (and ate them of course);

listened to a storyteller and watched the illustrator at work (more of that in a later post);


played on the castle playground and tried our hand at ‘old style’ typing;

worked in the children’s café (a highlight for G)


ate good food; sat in the sun; listened to excellent music; made new friends; connected with old friends, rolled down hills, picked blackberries and sweetcorn and just had a great time.

It was a sun soaked, fun-filled,  unplugged weekend which I would highly recommend. If you are looking for lots of ‘recognisable names’ this probably isn’t the place for you. If you are a first timer at festivals this is great for you. if you want to give your kids a bit of freedom then this is for you. It was definitely for us and we will be back next year!


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