Travel Lego Kits

With a lot of road trips planned over the Spring Break  – and a broken car radio – I needed  a selection of activities to keep everyone entertained (or just quiet!) So was delighted to stumble across a lot of ‘portable Lego kits’ on Pinterest.

We have A LOT of Lego in our house – so these were easy to set up. I hunted out a storage case for each of the kids and placed a piece of fabric in the bottom of them to lessen the noise a little.

A lot of the guides on Pinterest had cut large building boards down to fit exactly inside the box lid. I cheated and just found smaller boards to fix in place. I used Blu Tac to fix the boards in rather than anything more permanent as I knew the kids would want to move the board around as they wanted. I collected together lots of Lego for each box making sure they all had a set of 4 wheels and at least one Lego figure which I fixed into the lid as well.

On the Friday we were off on holiday straight from school so I placed their Lego box on their car seat ready to go. They loved them. And they were vaguely quiet!


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