Invitation to Play -Pancake Day

Last night I set up a quick invitation to play for T today. As it’s pancake day I though a chance to make pancakes for her teddies and babies would be a great play idea.

If you haven’t come across ‘Invitations to Play’ before it is a term often used in Early Years work to describe an open ended approach to play. It simply is a set of play materials set out in an inviting way which the children discover and play with in any way they wish. It could be play dough set out with small cake cases and candles; bricks and small world people set out in a new place; a table set out with plates, toy food and napkins; a sensory basket to explore like the one here.

The idea is to spark their imagination and let them take the play where they wish.

So here is the invitation to play I set up for Tess.

I used wooden eggs; a selection of the pans and plates from our toy cook box; cut circles of yellow felt as pancakes; red pom poms as strawberries and a yellow one as a lemon; wooden milk cartons and added a sieve, whisk and chopping board from the children’s cooking things.

A great way to add to the Pancake Day fun!

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