number recognition at Advent!

T is at that age where recognising her numbers is so important to her, but up until recently she has only had a few sorted. So as we were putting together the advent calendar I realised this could be a great way to increase her number recognition.

As we put the activities into the advent calendar I encouraged her to find the relevant numbers and helped her with the tricky ones.


Each day as the kids take turns at opening the activity calendar T is in charge of finding the correct number. As we are moving into two number dates we tell her the individual numbers together to find (so 10 was find a one and a zero together). She is so delighted to find the right date.

And each day she has to find the right number on her chocolate advent calendar before she can eat the choc. Amazingly she is really good at this!!


I wish I’d realised how good advent calendars were for number recognition when the boys were younger!

Hopefully by Christmas Day t will have mastered the number 2!!

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