Advent Activity Calendar

This year we are following our family tradition of an Activity Advent Calendar throughout December.

For each of the 24 days leading up to Christmas we have devised an activity we can do together. (On most occasions it has to be all 3 children plus either S or I but preferably both). These have all been written onto seperate pieces of paper and placed in the pockets of a fabric advent calendar.

Some of the activities are things we were already doing – crib service on Christmas Eve, going to see a children’s Christmas show at the Philharmonic.

Some of the activities are simple and easy – watching the Snowman DVD together, reading the nativity story at bedtime, making paper snowflakes.

Some involve a trip out – going to see the lights in town, following a sheep trail.

Some of the activities are ‘jobs’ we need to do – delivering Christmas Cards, making mince pies.

This is the 6th year we have used the Activity Calendar. As the children have got a little older and had different activities going on it has become harder to plan. And I have to admit I nearly abandoned this year it all seemed to much. But the boys were really looking forward to it and had already decided which activities needed to reappear! I still wasn’t completely convinced.

Then I was watching the news and was reminded of the fragility of life – of how vulnerable the world seems right now – that you never know what is round the corner. I saw a father bury his son in Paris lamenting the time they didn’t spend together. And I remembered that the greatest gift we can give our children is our time.

So out came the advent calendar – and a list of possible activities. Activities to help us reconnect as a family. Hopefully through all this we will stop and spend time together as a family in the mad rush to Christmas. And for S and I we get chance to re engage with the childhood magic of Christmas.

Just like blowing dandelion clocks!



Advent Activity Calendar Day 2 Take part in some Christmas Crafts:

Day 3 Christmas Lego Build; Day 4 Christmas drinks at Costa; Day 5 The Christmas Fayre at school; Day 6 Christmas movie and Hot Chocolate


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