It’s only just begun…..

Oh gosh I am tired! The run to advent seems to have been chaotic, exhausting and hard. So my plan is to slow it down. Sit back. Take some time as we head through this month. Hopefully I will end up at Christmas Day a bit less tired and a bit less stressed. Hopefully. So how??

Well candles are going to be a big  feature. We have used the numbered candles from IKEA and simply placed them on the mantle piece with an extra candle for Christmas Day. The plan is to light them each meal time and spend some time talking – nothing more. We will see how it goes.

As well as these we each have an advent candle to burn a little each day. Of course day 1 always takes ages to burn! But tomorrow we plan to burn the candles as we have some quite time and reflection. I will try and make each night a little different but as yet I’m not sure how it will develop. I will keep you posted!

And finally, I am already filling the house with scented candles and the smell of a winter wonderland.

Advent Activity Calendar Day 1 – Write your letters to Santa (and post them)

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