Zacchaeus Ballon Game

Toast! on Sunday was all about Zacchaeus as we thought about welcoming the stranger and the outsider. More on that to follow but thought I’d tell you about a great game we played.

All the children sat down on the floor as we drew circles around them with chalk telling them not to step outside their circle!  Then we blew up a balloon to represent Zacchaeus.  We reminded everyone that the people of the town didn’t like Zacchaeus and didn’t want him to come down from the tree to spend time with Jesus.  As the town people they had to try to keep the balloon (Zacchaeus) off the ground. All this without stepping out of their circle.  The group was quite large so we added extra balloons as the game went on. The children loved playing this and could be heard shouting “Keep Zach up!”

A really fun way to explore this story.

Orange Balloon

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