The Good Life Experience

Our last festival of the summer was The Good Life Experience at Hawarden Farm in North Wales. Sadly we had a manic weekend so couldn’t camp but we managed to squeeze a day in on the Saturday.

The Good Life Experience is a small festival founded by Charlie and Caroline Gladstone (of Pedlars), Cerys Matthews which offers a taste of the Good Life We spent the (very warm!) day wandering between craft tents as we learnt to make fork pompoms; taking part in the Tea Duelling; creating our own ropes; playing on the castle; hunting down pumpkins; watching campfires and more.

For the kids the highlight of the day was the Vintage Fairground. Helter Skelter, Boat Swings and a fairground roundabout had them coming back for more – and more. Secretly I am glad that was in the final field or we might never have ventured further! Even I had a go on the Helter Skelter! But the Boat swings were def my favourite.

It was a day of good old fashioned fun – smiles all the way – a real felling of togetherness – and loads of memories.

The mark of a good day in our house is how much they complain when we have to go home. There was a lot of ‘complaining’ and a promise that we will return next year – and camp!!

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