Campfire Stories of Pentecost

June has been a hectic month with little time for blogging so lots to catch up – starting with Campfire Stories at Toast! as we explored Pentecost.

We gathered together around the campfire to explore the flames of Pentecost.


As everyone arrived we cooked bread over the fire and ate it as we thought about the change fire brings. There is a great recipe for campfire bread here. But as I was stuck for time I just used a bread mix and it worked well.

InstagramCapture_7c26dad4-9643-4c03-9b95-b3663aac5abf (1)

Marshmallow prayers were a must! We toasted marshmallows and as we ate them thanked God for something good in our lives.


Making sparks was great fun as we used these flints to create sparks and talked about the sparks of Pentecost.


And we praised God through colour as we painted bread with a mix of milk and food colouring and toasted it over the campfire


As we sat around the fire we joined together in a Campfire chant to  tell the story of Pentecost. Finally we finished with S’mores prayers. 


Marshmallows were toasted and sandwiched between chocolate biscuits to make S’mores. As we did this and ate the S’mores we asked God to be with us, to be within us.

It was a fabulous afternoon – the sense of being together , sharing food, laughing and chatting – a real sense of hospitality and welcome. And the rain held off! This really felt like we were building community, experiencing fellowship, creating church.

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