Blowing dandelion clocks – (Simple Things)

This is part of a short series exploring those simple everyday things we do in childhood.

With the title of this blog its probably no surprise that blowing dandelion clocks features here. Both E and T cannot get enough of dandelion clocks it seems. So ,on a trip to Quarry Bank Mill, when we came upon an embankment covered in them imagine their delight.

WP_20150523_021 WP_20150523_023 WP_20150523_025

This is what I wrote when I first started this blog.

Childhood is an adventure – a constant roller coaster of finding and discovering and exploring. If as adults we can rediscover that adventure then we reconnect with our innate spirituality. It just takes some little steps – little things that remind us of the excitement of childhood – Like blowing dandelion clocks!

And I still hold to that – that it is the simple things that enable us to reconnect with childhood – to rediscover the adventure and re connect with our spirituality.

So here is to more simple things and more blowing dandelion clocks.


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