Shopping trip (Simple Things)

This is the first in a short series exploring those simple everyday things we do in childhood.

I love taking the kids shopping, when they are little, with a picture list to follow. But let’s face it it does take a bit of time to find food pics, and stick them onto a list. So yesterday when T asked to go shopping ( and there were no food leaflets in the house!) we found a quick and easy alternative. I grabbed our Shopping game and together we chose 8 things we needed. T got to choose one herself so chose lollies!! Next we fixed them onto the shopping trolley card – we used washi tape but blu tac should work well too. Then off we went on our trip! The great thing about this list was as we bought things we took them off the list so T could see what we still needed. Easy and fun- just wish I had thought of this years ago!

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