5 star gazing reads

It’s all been about Stargazing here this week and that’s been at story time too. So here are 5 of our favourite reads.

First up is How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers.


How to Catch a Star is a lovely tale of a boy trying to catch a star and trying everything he can to do so. As ever Oliver Jeffers work is simple and beautiful, the illustrations are gorgeous and the ending superb. The boys were desperate for the boy in the story to catch a star so were delighted with the ending. Especially as the boy and star are hand in hand.


WP_20150323_005Next is another Oliver Jeffers book The Way Back Home. A funny tale of the boy again, this time taking his plane and flying to the moon. When he gets there he runs out of petrol and is stuck. Luckily a friendly Martian with a broken space craft comes along and the 2 work together to fix their vehicles. A great story of teamwork and friendship.

WP_20150323_002Much read this past week was Adam’s Amazing Space Adventure by Benji Bennett. On a mission to find out where aliens drive their cars Adam and Harry set off through space. They meet the Moon, Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, ,Mercury, Venus, Halley’s Comet and visit an interstellar café before they end up at Mars. All told in rhyme with a perfect sleepy ending this was a favourite bedtime read for the boys when they were younger.

WP_20150323_003G’s favourite read this week was This is the Way to the Moon by M Sasek. A trip to Cape Canaveral that contrasts the slow pace on the beach with the speeds the rockets can reach – the amazing proportions of the space craft with the chocolate spaceships the tourists buy. Lots of statistics and measurements (that my 8 year old loves!) Plus the human side of space travel.

WP_20150323_001WP_20150316_006 The final read at first doesn’t appear to have any relevance – it’s No Matter What by Debi Gliori. But the boys chose this as they adore the last page. Small Fox is grim and grumpy and thinks that no one loves him. Large assures him that this isn’t the case and she will always love him no matter what. On the final page she tells him that “love like starlight never dies”. And that is the bit the boys remember and the reason we have included it here!

Happy Reading!!

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