Spirituality and colouring in!

It has been a crazy few weeks here – (hence the blogging absence!). So it was great that Saturday, although an all day event, was all about Children’s and Young People’s Spirituality with an opportunity to slow down and explore our own spirituality within it. Even as leaders we found time for a bit of peace and focus.

One of the big ‘talkabouts’ was colouring in. Now I’m not talking  here about my big bugbear just reading a Bible story and then giving the children a picture to colour. No I’m talking about colouring to find a space to slow down, to reconnect with ourselves, to focus on God as we colour. To find a spiritual space while absorbed in colouring.

And there are some great colouring books out there to do this.

The Secret Garden has beautiful intricate picture to colour suitable for children and adults.


The Lindisfarne Scriptorium produce some beautiful colouring books.

MulticolouredSeasons-3 MulticolouredSeasons-Cover

And I was introduced to the Praying in Color webpage.

As we talked we began to explore how best we could use colouring in. My challenge as I came away was to start to provide colouring in opportunities for adults as well as children at Toast! I’ll let you know how I get on!

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