Easy crafts for under 5s.

Working with the under 5s group over the early summer I was determined to find a craft/activity for each session that the children played a big part in. I get so fed up of  making things at under 5s group that are mainly made by the adult. So here’s a quick run down of the activity and the Bible story we linked it to.

The Storm on the Lake. We made shakers with Fruit Shoot bottles and decorated them with stickers. The children loved the sensory experience of pouring rice, pasta and lentils into the bottles – in some cases stopping them doing this was the problem! Then we used the shakers to make storm noises and we told the story.

The Lost Sheep. Sheep cakes were the order of the day this week. Simply make Krispi cakes with white chocolate and then stick on marshmallows to make fluffy sheep. S had piped faces onto large choc buttons beforehand and the kids added these to the cakes. Here is the one T made.


The Hidden Treasure. We took a pirate theme this week with a focus on hunting for treasure. So we made treasure maps. S had drawn maps beforehand which I copied. The children began by colouring these then the fun bit! We painted them with cold tea. As the children listened to the story we put them in the oven on a low heat for a few minutes to age them. Finally we rolled and tied the maps with red ribbon. These were hugely popular.


The Wise and Foolish Builder. The play, stories and crafts all centred around building this week as a lead up to the story. So when we came to a craft together we did some printing. S had drawn a large house outline and I provided them with paints and Duplo blocks to print with. Messy but great fun!


Zaacheus. Jesus went to Zaacheus house for tea – so we made placemats for  our teatime. The children coloured them and added glitter and sequins and then we put them through the laminator to make them water proof.

Man through the roof. It took me along time to work out what to do for this activity. Then I realised the way through the session was feet and being able to walk. This one needed a little adult help as the children drew round both their feet onto card. An adult cut them out and then the child decorated them with stickers. We pushed a pipe cleaner through and then the feet could walk.


The Water into wine. This story was all set in a Teddy Bear’s picnic as we thought about the hospitality of Jesus. So 2 crafts this week. First we made picnic plates using foam and card shapes as sandwiches, fruit etc. And then we decorated cakes.


Under 5s are capable of so much – so if you are planning crafts for them try and make them things they can do largely on their own.


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