A Skylanders Party!

G finally got the Skylanders game (Trap Team) for Christmas and its been full on Skylanders play since then. The boys are limited to how long they can play on the Wii but undettered when its ‘no screen time’ they role play Skylanders! So when party planning for Gs 8th birthday started Skylanders was the obvious choice.

G explained to me (!) that there are 8 elements that need to be restored in the game. So we took each of these elements and between us devised a game for each element. Everyone was given a passport and each time they completed one of the games they had that element stamped. Here is what we got up to!


Tech Element

We chose Trigger Happy as the key character for this and decided on a game that involved knocking over gold cans (Trigger Happy shouts ‘No Gold No Glory!’). Just as I was about to start prepping this game I found a Skylanders bath set that included air shooters, balls and Skylanders to knock over – Perfect! So that was quite an easy win. Gs friends did this as they arrived and then had the Tech element on their passport stamped.

Image result for trigger happy skylander

Fire and Earth Elements

Next up was a relay game that covered 2 of the elements. Chef Pepper Jack is a baddie from the Fire element and likes peppers! Golden Queen is from the Earth element and hunts for gold coins. So we set up a basic obstacle course with peppers and coins hidden in ball pools, sand, tubs of duplo and tubs of packaging filler. Each team ran relay style to find the hidden objects, the winning team got a dip in the treasure box (gold coins).


Life Element

Chompy was the main character for the Life Element game. We happened to have a green frog toy storage basket hidden away which with a set of teeth made the perfect Chompy! The teams took turns to throw balls into his mouth – the winner was the team  with the most balls in Chompy after 2 minutes! Chaos but great fun.


Magic Element

Wrecking Ball is from the Magic element and has a sticky tongue which he can grab things with. So I created a platter of treasure for team and provided them all with sticky hands and a paper cup. They then had 2 minutes to collect as much treasure as they could – the winning team then had a dip in the treasure box. The sticky hands were a big hit and everyone wanted to take them home in their party bags.

WP_20150118_011 WP_20150118_013


For the water element we created Chill Bill’s Frozen Sapphires. (There are winged sapphires in Skyland!). For the sapphires I collected blue glass beads and froze them in ice cubes. To do this I half filled ice cube trays with water and froze these. Then I put the blue glass beads on top added more water and put them back in the freezer.

For the game we lifted them out and provided each team with frozen jewels, a large plastic tray, salt, plastic hammers and a jug. The challenge was to release the sapphires from the ice in a given time (I didn’t set a time just judged when they were nearly done and then did a countdown). I didn’t give any other instructions but encouraged them to think scientifically. They LOVED this and really rose to the challenge.

Everyone wanted to take their jewels home so we bagged them up and added them to the party bags too.



Air Element

G was adamant we needed Buzzer Beaks for the Air element and so devised this game himself. It  was a simple flap the Skylanders round the Buzzerbeaks. E has a Flippin’ Fish game so we used the paddles from this to flap Skylander pictures I had printed off round the Buzzer Beaks. These were  images printed off and stuck around crisp tubes so they would stand up easily. This game was hard work – (I’d forgotten how hard the fish flapping game can be). But the teams were determined to complete their tasks so battled on.



Chop Chop’s Shield Fling was the game for the Undead element. I simply printed of four copies of Chop Chop’s shield and glued them to Frisbees. Then everyone took turns in  flinging the shield onto a target. Great fun but a lot of un co-ordinated 8 year olds!



Finally when they had restored all the elements they could battle Kaos in the shape of a piñata (See how we made this here). Much fun was had bashing away at him until Skylander snack tubs tumbled out.



I discovered that there are key foods the Skylanders eat to keep them strong so we included a few of these – Power up Pizza – Level up Lemonade – smashed sheep cupcakes – watermelon and all finished off with a Portal of Power cake made by Steve.


The Take Home gift (along with the things they had collected during the party) was a Skylander’s Drinks Bottle.

All in all a great party if fast and furious!! To finish we of course allowed them a play on Trap Team!

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