Head dress making

Yesterday E and T found a box of feathers and decided some Native American headdress making was needed! We have made headdresses a few times over the years and in a variety of ways but this method is the simplest.

We cut strips of corrugated card to fit the size of E and T’s heads (and one of E’s teddies) and stapled them in a loop. Then they both took feathers and slipped them into the ‘loops’ in the corrugated card. Easy! T can do this easily so much so that she decided to make one for G as well


Once the headdresses were made we decided to head out to the woods, enjoy the sunshine and make some bows and arrows while we were there. Again a really simple craft, you just need to take some twine with you. Find a stick which has some flexibility tie twine round one end then pull the twine to fix onto the other end forming a ‘bow’ as you do so. Simple!

So a great set of crafts – fun in the winter sun – lots of role play. All in all a great day.

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