the year in books – February

So the year in books has begun and I’m one book in. I chose The Diving Bell and the Butterfly as my first read having come across it in a charity shop. Its one of those books I’ve meant to read but never quite got round to – so this was a perfect opportunity.

The first great thing about this book was that – being a short novel – I sat and read it in one go. This rarely happens now but used to be my favourite way to read a book as an English Lit student. So a ‘book in one sitting’ was a real treat.

And such a beautifully written book. Exploring one man’s experience of Locked In Syndrome could make for a depressing read but this is far from it. Well crafted chapters, a thoughtful use of language and the creation of beautiful images form the basis of this memoir. And interspersed throughout a surprising use of humour.

This really is an amazing read which will force you to examine your own approach to life.


For my February read I’m inspired by a lovely friend of mine. She turned 40 at the end of Jan and asked everyone to get her a copy of their favourite book or a book which had influenced them – such a fabulous idea. I bought her a copy of my favourite book Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy, it has been my favourite since I first read it over 20 years ago. Can’t wait to read it again. Hopefully I still like it as much as before.

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