Praying with children – 13

This prayer is good for all ages but is especially so with young children. I did this today with a group of under 4s as an extended story, craft and prayer. You could simply do the end section with paper plate faces though.

Our focus was praying to God however we are feeling. So we began by singing If You’re Happy and you Know It adding if you’re sad / grumpy / excited as well.

We read the fabulous Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers (which I wrote about here) and found out about a very sad penguin. Then we had a look at I Feel Happy – its a lovely pull out picture book which explores different emotions the children may be feeling. We talked about how God wants us to talk to him however we are feeling.

Then everyone made simple paper plate faces that were sad and happy. A couple of the children didn’t want to make sad faces so we just made happy ones with them. And one girl decided she would do sad, happy, excited and grumpy!!

Finally we thanked God for happy times and also thanked him that he is there in sad times too, naming what some of these may be.



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