16 amazing moments and one amazing year!

Throughout 2014 Toast! families were challenged to experience 16 (or more) Amazing Moments in God’s Amazing World.

A chance to experience those Wow! moments in the natural world. A chance to connect with God.

Simple things which can lead to amazing moments.


It was a project that inspired adults and children a like. So it was a little sad on Sunday when we ended our year of amazing moments at Toast! We had rolled down hills, collected conkers, splashed in puddles, watched sunsets and sunrises, played in snow, planted seeds and much more. All the time remembering that we did these in the amazing world God created. To celebrate all this at Toast! we re created puddles, painted with conkers, made leaf pictures, prayed with bluebells, made rainbows, planted seeds, watched the sunset and then looked for stars, and explored a nature feely box. Everyone was given a copy of the National Trust’s 50 things booklet and challenged to keep adventuring!

As we came back together we voted for our favourite amazing moment. And the winner is …..


Playing in the Snow!

A fabulous year to explore the wonder of God’s world – sad its over but a new adventure starts in February.

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