weekly read – Maisy goes to Nursery

Weekly Read is a recommendation for a great (younger) children’s book to use in shared reading with your own children or in other settings with children. Often they will relate to a particular time of year, include an activity to use alongside the story, or support a child in a particular transition period.

T starts nursery for the first time today (where has the time gone?). She was 6 months old when E went to school so she doesn’t have a memory of what nursery is all about, what happens and what she can look forward to. So we picked up a copy of Maisy goes to Nursery by Lucy Cousins to help her explore a little more.

This is a great book to help a child think about starting nursery. All the usual activities we associate with nursery are there – putting your coat on your peg, painting, playing, noisy time, quiet time, story time. By the time we had finished the story T was really excited about the prospect of going to nursery. (I’m really hoping they paint today!!)

There are some things you’re child might not do –  Maisy has a nap at nursery which T won’t do so we explained that. But I would recommend this for anyone about to start nursery, or needing an encouragement to go back after a holiday.


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