The year in books – January

I began last year with the Year in Books project over on Circle of Pine Trees. Here is a reminder why I got involved.

But as the ( most chaotic) year progressed my reading waned. So I was delighted to see the year in books up and running again – because the reading I did do I loved. The highlight was finally reading Room.

I’m looking forward to picking up the challenge again – a book a month for a year. And with a new year here is my new plan. I will only buy books from charity shops, second hand bookshops or independent bookshops. Or I will borrow from the library. I’ve a few key books I want to read but I’m also going to include some children’s fiction, as you know it is a passion of mine and I need to keep up with the things G is now reading! Very excited about the possibility of a shared reading one month as part of the year in books. And I will choose smaller books at busy times! Here’s to a year’s reading.

In keeping with my new ‘rules’ I headed to the charity shop, scoured the shelves and found The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I have (amazingly) never read this so now seems the perfect time – I’ll let you know how it goes.

diving bell

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One Response to The year in books – January

  1. I haven’t read that book either! Will be interested to know what you make of it as I have heard much about it,

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