Praying with children – 12

I promised 14 prayer ideas with children and only got as far as 11 before the unplanned break – so here is number 12.

Prayer Boxes.

The first stage of this prayer activity we created at Toast! in December.

Each family decorated a box (we used cupcake boxes without the insert). Then as a family wrote 3 prayer requests together. We made sure everyone understood that these prayer requests would be passed onto another family so they may want to give a little extra thought to what they wrote.

First we asked them to write something they were thankful for in 2014. They wrote these onto a gift tag and fixed them to a party popper.

Next we asked families to think of a prayer they had for the world in 2015. These were written on gift tags and attached to battery tea lights.

Finally they thought of a prayer request for their family in 2015, wrote these onto gift tags and attached to bubbles.

Everything was placed in the decorated box and a gift tag added saying ‘With love from the xxx family’. Then we placed them under the Christmas tree.

WP_20150103_002 WP_20150103_003 WP_20150103_006

At Toast! on Christmas Eve the second stage of this prayer activity happened.

Every family at Toast! on Christmas Eve took one of the prayer boxes home with them with encouragement to pray the prayer requests left by another family.  To pop the party popper as they said their prayer of thanks. To light the candle as they prayed for the world. To blow bubbles as they prayed for the family.

Out for drinks over new year I bumped into one of the new mums at Toast! who told me her daughter had loved using the prayer box as the Christmas lunch was prepared. Sometimes things work even better than you dare to hope!


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