5 ways with Conkers

This year we collected LOADS of conkers!! Beautiful as they look in a bowl I wanted to find a few things to do with them this year. If you are in the same position here’s a few ideas!


I created a sensory box for T to play with.

First I lined a box with brown and green felt and filled it with multi-coloured rice (uncooked rice died with a little food colouring) To give a woodland impression I added shiny leaves, beech nuts, e pine cones, acorns and conkers. The plan had been to add real leaves – a lot of rain meant soggy leaves putting a stop to that but I do like the effect of the sequin style leaves. T and I selected some woodland creatures from the puppet box and added these along with a couple of scoops and spoons.

T loved scooping and pouring, after a time she remembered the Gruffalo lives in the wood and went to get her cuddly Gruffalo to join the fun!

WP_20141007_003 WP_20141007_004 WP_20141007_005 (1) WP_20141007_006

The next adventure was painting with conkers. Its similar to painting with marbles so you need to choose fairly round ones to make sure they roll. I placed the paper in the bottom of an old washing up bowl to try and contain the mess! We experimented with .how best to paint. T preferred to put a blob of paint on the paper and then roll the conkers around through it to create a pattern. Es a bit older and preferred covering the conker in paint and then rolling it around. Great fun and lovely results!

WP_20141006_007 (1)WP_20141006_011 (1)

I gave the boys play dough, conkers and various play dough bits to create conker monsters!

WP_20141005_003 WP_20141005_011

And we created conker pencil toppers. This one uses a few craft bits we had but you could cut felt pieces to make a the creatures you want. The conkers were surprisingly easy to  gauge out. I used a the tools from a pumpkin carving set to do these.


And we have prayed with conkers, played hunt the conker and even made drum sticks from conkers!!

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