Weekly Read – Pumpkin Soup


Pumpkin carving is big in our house at present so only one book to read. The great Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper.

Cat, Duck and Squirrel are best friends and love to make soup together. All is well until Duck challenges the peace of the little white cottage by wanting to stir the soup. This is not his job! Squirrel and Cat object and in the chaos that follows they argue and Duck leaves. It is only when he has gone that all three realise how important their friends are – and the need for compromise! Cat and Squirrel set off to find him, they track him down and bring him home to make soup.

And Duck is allowed to stir!


I’m trying to include activities in this feature but I think they are probably quiet clear with this book! Why not make Pumpkin soup and / or carve a pumpkin for World Vision alongside this read.


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