Toast – Do Not Be Afraid

Apparently ‘Do Not Be Afraid’ is the most used command in the Bible – 366 times. So we took this and the images of Halloween as the starting point for October’s Toast! Here’s what we got up to.

The BIG event was pumpkin carving – we linked in with World Vision to support the children of Syria #NightOfHope. The challenge was to create pumpkin carvings which represented hope – candles, hearts, crosses, the words peace and hope were used.

WP_20141012_013We discovered that Bats are a protected species in the UK –  a great staring point for talking about being protected. And as we talked we made these great bats.


Everyone shared the things they are afraid of and unsurprisingly Spiders came up a lot. To show that spiders can be useful and create beautiful webs (as well as being scary) we made these gorgeous webs. You simply draw a web on paper, place an acetate over it and trace the lines with glue. Cover with glitter and give it a shake to reveal a lovely web. We pinned Ts on her window which looks great when the light shines through. We also made spider biscuits but these were eaten so quickly I didn’t get a photo!!

WP_20141012_004 WP_20141012_003

A favourite activity was creating potions to make us brave. There were a selection of seeds, herbs and glitter all labelled as different ingredients – friends, happiness, courage, faith, joy, peace. Everyone one selected the things they would need to be brave. They placed them in a small plastic shot glass, covered with paper and added a label.


There was a prayer tent, a Graffiti wall to write up the things we are afraid of, Halloween play dough and a story corner.


So after a jam packed session we settled down and thought about God’s command ‘Do not be afraid’. This was a great opportunity to remind the children that people in the Bible were afraid. To remember God’s command we wrote it onto bands which we tied round our wrists.

Then we talked about the fear of children in Syria. And planted pumpkin seeds so that as the plant grows we can remember the children again and again.


A great Toast and a real sense of community throughout.

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