Collecting Conkers

Is there anything more exciting than cracking open the prickly outside of a conker to reveal the smooth, shiny nut inside?
Certainly in my house this time of year is all about the excitement of conkers – how many can we collect?-will we need to open the case?-who will collect the most? This is the stuff of childhood. That pure joy as you discover a covering of conkers.
Yesterday after a windy night the boys were delighted to discover hoards of shiny round conkers on the way to school. They stuffed their pockets full, filled my bag and their own and still there were more. We left as many as we collected.
On the way to pick up T and I stopped again to collect more. She sat on the floor mesmerised finding conker after conker hidden under the leaves. A full bag later we headed off, stopped at frequent intervals as people admired her hoard.
Two conversations stood out. One mum had stopped her boys collecting conkers as they got in the way. So sad – such a simple activity that brings so much joy in my book is to be encouraged.
A second mum told a hilarious tale of conker collecting and then asked “what will you do with them all?”.
I don’t know so next weeks challenge is a series of conker activities. I’ll keep you posted!

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