time on the train

Last week the car broke down! So Wednesday saw T and I setting off to my mum’s (who was babysitter for the day) on the train.

At first it seemed a bit of a chore but before long I recognised it as a gift. A rare chance to spend time with my little girl with not much else to do but watch and play. On the way there she ate and sang and chatted and I just watched and chatted back. By the time we returned she was tired and weary from playing all day. So she simply sat on my knee and we cuddled.

It isn’t often in busy lives that those chances to stop and be arise – but I felt so glad to have this time. All the more precious as I hadn’t expected or planned it.

So note to self – make more time to just be – to watch the kids – to do nothing else but that.

Here’s to more train journeys.


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