Weekly Read and Harvest

As part of our Toast! Harvest we collected seeds from squash, dried them and placed them in packets ready for planting in the spring. Doing this we discovered that God created flowers and plants with seeds in so that each year they grow again – what an amazing cycle!

WP_20140914_021 WP_20140914_020 WP_20140914_022

And then to think about this more we read a great book.

So my weekly read this week is What’s This? a seed’s story by Caroline Mackford and published by the brilliant Barefoot Books.

On a cold winter morning a girl finds, and plants, a seed. Then she and her friends – a small bird and a marmalade cat – tend and water it. In spring the seed starts to grow. At last in summer a beautiful sunflower appears. In the autumn she discovers that the seeds of her plant can be used so that everyone in her class has a sunflower next year.

“And when the next summer came every child had a beautiful smiling sunflower!”


A great book to stimulate some seed collecting and planting.

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