Toast – World Cup – inspired by the Brazil team!!

Yes I know it seems unlikely being inspired by the Brazil team but I really was – not by their playing though!

Last week I was struggling to work out how we were going to celebrate the World Cup at Toast after England’s disastrous performance. Then I watched Brazil hammered 7-1 by Germany. And what did they do at the end – they prayed! Even after that humiliation they prayed. So Toast became all about Brazil the Brazil team and prayer.

We decorated world cup trophies, made flags and football pictures.

Everyone thought about who the important people in their team are (their family friends and others who are important in their lives) and wrote them onto a team sheet.





We made loom band (of course!) prayer bracelets, blocks of blue yellow and green. Then as the children hold the blue they can thank God for something, as they hold the yellow tell God about something they are worried about, and as they hold the green say sorry for something they have done.


We played football, found out about Brazil and made ice cream world cups.


Then we created houses from cardboard boxes, wrote on the things we liked about home and how home made us feel and as we did talked about how many children in Brazil live in boxes on the street.


And finally we remembered when Brazil did win in 2002. At the end of the match they took off their shirts to reveal T shirts with I love Jesus and similar phrases on. So we made our own.

WP_20140713_007 WP_20140713_008

As we left we remembered that God’s there for us in the good and bad times – just as the Brazil team know!

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