the year in books – June

June has been a mad busy month on all fronts. So although I’d read my May read in good time I’m only just getting round to writing my post!

For May I read The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox by one of my favourite authors Maggie O’Farrell. I was a little underwhelmed by Instructions for a Heatwave and many of you told me to try Esme Lennox instead. I did. And I was not  disappointed! This is Maggie O’Farrell at her best. A fabulous twist (or twists) that I didn’t see or expect;  characters you relate to and root for; the past influencing the present; and the ending – oh the ending was just right. Maggie O’Farrell doesn’t sew everything together and let everyone live happily ever after. She leaves you wondering- asking yourself what happened next – creating the narrative yourself. Perfect! I loved this book, a brilliant read.

 With the chaos of June finding a book to read was tricky. All I had time to do was go into  a bookshop, browse for 10 minutes and choose. So I chose Perfect by Rachel Joyce. I have now read it but I’ll let you know what I thought in another post.



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