Toast! at Sudley House

For Pentecost Toast! went outdoors at the gorgeous Sudley House. Rain was forecast but other than a couple of 2 minute showers didn’t arrive (thankfully). So we ran, played and explored as we discovered what Pentecost is all about.


As the families arrived they found sticks, tied twine to them and attached leaves, daisies, feathers and more to make a flying stick. Then we heard how the Holy Spirit came on the first Pentecost. We discovered that although we can’t see the Holy Spirit we can see what it does – a little bit like the wind and our breath. So we explored what the wind and our breath can do by blowing bubbles, making paper aeroplanes, watching windmills, blowing up balloons, flying kites and playing Frisbee.


Finally we prayed using stones and left them in a Prayer Cairn at Sudley House.


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