Playdough discovery

Until the summer  I’m involved in a project with a local toddler group (More on that later) and one thing I wanted to explore more with them was the use of playdough. Its benefits – ideas for invitations to play – how best to use it and more. I’ll post some of my thinking and observations next week but for now here’s the recipe for the playdough we used this week.

I had heard about using jelly crystals to make playdough as it provides both the colour and the scent. So I was keen to give it a go.

You simply mix together 2 cups of plain flour; half a cup of salt; 2 tbsps. cream of tartar; 2 tbsps vegetable oil. Add a few drops of glycerine to make it smoother.

Then add the jelly crystals (I used raspberry) to 1 cup of boiling water and stir carefully. Add to the other ingredients and mix well If needed add a little more water slowly to reach the right consistency.

Gorgeous colour and smell and a great consistency. Just put it out and play!

WP_20140602_002 WP_20140603_003

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