Palm Sunday small world play

As part of both the Palm Sunday Toast! and Sunday’s Easter focus we created a small world play of the Palm Sunday story using lots of bits and pieces from our Playmobil sets.


I used the donkey from the Nativity Playmobil and added some of the characters from that. Then the boys chose other Playmobil people to add to the scene including a few children of course!


We filled a large plastic box with green rice to add a sensory experience and added a few scoops. Green rice is so simple to make – just mix drops of green food colouring with dry rice until all the colour is absorbed. (I have tried using colouring gels but they seem to stain little hands too much so I stick with the original food colourings.)

A pirate island and trees were added in one corner to look like a little hill and a Duplo and wooden tree added too.

Then we cut up a plastic tree (that had come with a dinosaur set) to make palm branches and fitted them into the characters hands. This worked brilliantly with Playmobil hands!


This was intended for the younger ones to play with (which they did) but the Year 2s seemed to love it too!!

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