Toast! Easter

We celebrated Easter a little late at Toast! this year. In April Toast! fell on Palm Sunday so we concentrated on that. Then we had the Easter Eggs to explore the story Holy Week. And we rounded it all of with a recap on Easter this week. There was a lot going on!

We played with small world figures for Palm Sunday.


Then we made bread to think about the Last Supper.


We had a prayer tree to think about Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemene.


For Good Friday we decorated crosses, made cross pendants and put crosses onto cakes.

WP_20140511_027 WP_20140511_009 WP_20140511_016

We painted stones as we remembered the stone rolled in front of the tomb.

WP_20140511_006 (1)

And for Easter day we made the Lego Easter Garden and flower arrangement Easter Gardens.


Then I gave them 2 key things from the Easter story to remember.

First that Jesus died for each of us. To show this we created a hand print cross. And finally we went on an egg hunt and found letters hidden in the eggs to spell out ‘Jesus is alive for ever’



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