Garden Flowers

This spring we  are all loving the garden. Finally in our new house we have one – and what a garden! Over the years the previous owner has obviously spent a lot of time out there growing and tending the plants – and so as a result it is packed full of a huge variety of flowers. Daffodils came up in the early spring – there are beautiful bushes -roses – white bells – and currently bluebells – so many bluebells. It looks like there is a wildflower meadow at the back of the house!


So I’m taking time to learn with the children the names of the flowers (We discovered that what look like huge buttercups are actually Californian poppies!) and how best to look after them. This Ladybird book we found in the charity shop is helping (as is Granddad!).

But mostly we are enjoying the beauty and excitement of discovering what springs up.



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