Weekly Read – The Storm Whale

The Storm Whale by Benji Davies is a true classic. Beautifully illustrated, it contains a reassurance for children and a reminder to adults to spend time with the children we love. Its become a ‘must read’ in our house.


Noi  lives with his dad but he is so so lonely. Dad is out and busy working all day so doesn’t have time to spend with Noi. Then one day Noi finds a whale washed up on the beach, takes him home and puts him in the bath. Their friendship puts an end to Noi’s  lonliness and with the whale he does many of the things he wishes he could do with Dad.

Dad comes home and eventually finds the whale but rather than being cross with Noi he realises he hadn’t noticed how lonely Noi was. And from then things change!

A great message for all of us.

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