the year in books – April

There is growing pile of ‘read’ books on my desk from the year in books project! March’s book was Life after Life by Kate Atkinson.
There were times when I thought reading such a long novel in a very busy month was a daft decision but actually Life after Life was easy to dip in and out of without loosing focus. The plot is non linear and explores what happens if we were to live parts of our life again. The second part of the book was great and the descriptions of the blitz were stunning. But I have to say towards the end of the first third of the book I was getting frustrated with the repetition. But once the narrative gets hold it is a much more satisfying read. There were bits I found unnecessary but
as a whole a good read.WP_20140228_004

My choice for April is an oldie but a great one! I looked  at various new novels. I look at books people were reading in the project. But sat on my desk was this book and it kept drawing me back. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall is written by the ‘less famous’ Bronte sister – Anne. It is a book I loved as a teenager so I’m interested to see how I find it years later. I’ll let you know!



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