5 Reads for Mother’s Day

As I am slightly obsessed by children’s books(!) I thought I would add an occasional post of 5 reads related to festivals and special times of year. So here are 5 reads for Mothers Day .

The first admittedly a bit of a cheat as it is A Bit Lost from yesterday’s post.


Hug by Jez Alborough. All the animals in the jungle have someone special to hug, except for Bobo the little chimp. He hunts the jungle for the hug he needs enlisting the help of the elephants on the way. Finally he finds his mummy and gets the hug he wants.


Owl Babies by Martin Wadell.  Mummy Owl has gone hunting leaving her three owl babies. The little owls comfort each other as they think about the juicy food she will bring home. But more than food they want their mummy to come home and look after them. And she does!

owl babies

Meet the Parents by Peter Bently and Sarah Ogilvie isn’t just about mothers but its such a great read I had to include it here. Parents are great for lots of things – a target for ketchup, somewhere to wipe your nose, a tent pole for wonky dens. But they are also good for cuddles, making things better, stories and love.


And finally one of my favourite passages from a novel is from Chapter 17 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.  Professor Dumbledore explains that Voldemort was unable to defeat Harry because of Harry’s mother’s love. Harry’s mother died trying to protect him and as Dumbledore explains to have been loved so deeply will give him some protection forever.



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