Street Child World Cup activities

Last week at Inspire we trialled some material around the Street Child World Cup.  The first SCWC took place in South Africa four years ago. And in March the second takes place in Rio ahead of the World Cup. Its an opportunity for street children’s charities in 10 countries to take the children on an amazing journey. And ultimately hopefully off the streets.

I’m involved because the Methodist Church in Britain has pledged to support the teams from Nicaragua (a girls’ and a boys’ team). So last Saturday at Inspire was a chance to trial some activities that could be used on a fundraising family day or as a Messy Church session.

Here is what we did.

We discovered why children end up on the street with a Rubbish Dump Game. 5 reasons why children may live on the streets were screwed up along with other bits of paper and the teams had to run relay style to find the information.

We explored how many children sleep in cardboard boxes on the street and made our cardboard boxes into houses. As we drew we chatted about the good and bad points of living on the street and added these to our boxes.


We discovered more about Brazil in a ‘Runaround’ style quiz. Took part in a penalty shoot out. Then tasted some Brazillian food.

We created edible World Cups from ice cream cones, marzipan and squirty cream! (and ate them)


We played percussion instruments samba style in a praise chant.

We watched the Brazil Team winning the World Cup in 2002 and noticed their thanks to God written on their T shirts. And so we thanked God for the great things in our lives with T shirt prayers.

It was a great (if hectic) morning and the children were really inspired to get involved. All this material will be written up soon so I’ll add it to a post for anyone interested.

There is a fundraising pack and loads of ideas for use in schools with all key stages on

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