the sower – activities

What a weekend!! Day of workshops with children all day Saturday and then Toast! yesterday. I’m exhausted! SO this week there will be lots of activities appearing here.

First up are some activities around the parable of the sower. On Saturday I was running children’s workshops alongside the Lancashire Inspire conference. In the afternoon we explored what the story of the sower means for us.

We made bird feeders from pine cones as we did here. We painted stones. We made weeds and thorns from Lego. We planted seeds.


Then we talked about what it feels like talking about God at school, or beavers, or brownies, or swimming or the other places the children spend their time. And we realised it is much like the story of the seeds. Sometimes people want to hear but at others they laugh or are more interested in other things. So we decided our greatest help in all this was talking to God about how we feel.

Then everyone made prayer journals / feelings books / diaries – simple places they could write or draw the things they wanted to tell God about. I was amazed how well they responded to this. The older girls especially loved creating their own individual book. Definitely an activity to use again.


WP_20140308_009 (1)

And we finished it all off with fruit kebabs!

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