Oh help! Oh No! its a Gruffalo!

Yes there are Gruffalos! Quite a lot in our house and so for Tess’ 2nd birthday we had an amazing Gruffalo birthday party. We invited a few of her little friends and we had Gruffalo fun.

We made Gruffalo cakes.

WP_20140217_004 WP_20140217_001

And Gruffalo Masks.


We played Pin the Wart on the Gruffalo, Gruffalo snakes and ladders and did Gruffalo jigsaws. And then went on a treasure hunt to find the nut the mouse was originally hunting for! Pass the parcel was followed by watching the brilliant BBC version of The Gruffalo (with popcorn and snacks). And to finish a Gruffalo piñata!

For tea we had sandwiches cut with an acorn cutter, roasted fox (crisps), Gruffalo pie (pizza), turned out toes (Monster Munch), poisonous warts (green grapes), purple prickles (blueberry raisins) owl ice cream and Gruffalo crumble (little cakes with Gruffalo rice paper pictures on top).


All finished off with a brilliant cake that S made! Great fun for all the little ones there and for me!!

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