There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo!

Well there is in our house! Everyone of us loves the tale of The Gruffalo and T is no exception. So, as she has just turned two, we decided to hold a Gruffalo party. More on what we did over the next few days but I wanted to share the one of the party bag fillers with you first.

Inside we put small tubs of ‘Gruffalo play dough’ in brown, orange (his eyes are orange), black (and his tongue is black) and purple (and he has purple prickles all over his back). I was delighted that as soon as we got home the boys made Gruffalos with theirs, I’m hoping lots of the other party guests did too.


They were so cheap and easy to make. I picked up small tubs from a pound shop and made the play dough using my trusty quick recipe. For the colours I added food colouring. The black and orange worked well but I had to play around a bit with the purple to get the right shade. Eventually mixing pink and blue provided a better purple than any purple food colouring I could get. And for the brown I added an extra half cup of cocoa to the recipe which gave both a great colour and a great smell!!

Then we taped the tubs together with washi tape and added a label. So much fun to make and really loved by everyone they were given too.


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