Playing More – large roll of paper

I can’t believe its nearly 2 weeks since my last post! I have been either mad busy or sat on the sofa with a poorly girl for most of that time!

But before all that T and I were still following our Playing More Challenge and headed off to Pitter Patter Painters at Sudley House. They simply rolled out large rolls of paper, had lots of clean up areas and provided paint and various things to paint with. T was asleep when we arrived but I was met with a sea of little people covered in paint and using hands, feet, rollers, balls etc to create their materpieces. And that is when my learning began!


Because you see not all little people are keen to get covered in paint and use their hands and feet as brushes. T really is not interested. She walked around and looked but adamantly refused to do a hand print. She watched others walking in paint but there was no way she was going to do that! She just doesn’t like the mess of it all. This is despite being quite a messy child day to day. Its the same when we go to Messy Play at our Sure Start Centre she will not do the really messy stuff. Water, Ice and she is in there – Foam, Painting with hands and she is not interested.

BUT she loves to paint. Give her a paintbrush and paint and she is away. So that is what we did. We got paintbrushes and we had a great time painting. And over the half term she had lots more fun painting with E.


So my learning point is to remember time and time again that not all children like the same craft or even like craft. That we cannot brand activities as suitable for children and that’s the end. Because not all may like them. So its back again to the need to have variety in all that is provided. Options. An opportunity for them to choose.

Thank you T for reminding me.


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